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What is Past Life Regression?
Past life regression is a method to visit your past or rather go back to that part of your subconscious mind which has memories stored off all the lives you have lived and can see flashes of it to understand, what are the deeds done by you in those lifetimes whose consequences or repercussions are being faced by you in this lifetimes. It is not only the consequences but also few repeated patterns which keep happening to you in this lifetime too.
How does PLR (Past Life Regression) help?
When we access our past life memories it helps us release the pain, confusion, estrangement, negative emotions and painful memories instantly, hence immediate healing happens. Also it stops the occurrence of repeated patterns in our life as we have released the negative karma associated with it hence helping us to live a much happier life.
Who should not get PLR done?
People who are just curious what they were in their previous or what happened in their past lives should not get PLR done. Also one has to be ready to accept what they “see” what happened in their past lives. I have known some people when they come for a PLR they would like to see someone they really like as their partner, some people do not realize over the years we all have been with each other but in different relations. One should realize PLR is a very sacred process and one should only do it if they are in some severe problem or have perpetual repeat patterns in their life.
How Reiki comes into picture?
Reiki is such a beautiful energy as it can travel across time and space, I generally use Reiki when one wants to get PLR done. As there are 2 healings happening at the same time, one through PLR and the other through Reiki. Though most people do PLR with hypnotherapy, it takes much longer for it to get done, and the pain is too much sometimes for the person to bear, the “effect” of the PLR can take some days to come in terms with.
How to combine the two?
If one wants to take the client to their past lives, one should balance their own and the clients chakras. Else later one can feel very tired and drained out.
1. After balancing the chakras, make the client lie or sit in a comfortable position, and ask them to take 3 deep breaths, so that their mind can become blank.
2. Ask them to state their intention thrice, after they do connect to their guides with the help of the distance symbol, and ask them to get your client through the past lives.
3. State the intention “Take my client to that life when he/she walked on this planet with some other identity, and the root cause of the intention that has been stated” thrice.
4. As you do so draw the distance symbol or the master symbol on their head, heart and solar plexus.
5. As you guide the client through the PLR session, keep drawing the emotional symbol on their third eye, heart and Solar plexus. Keep drawing them, till the time the process is not over. This is done to soothe the client’s emotions through the process.
6. Do not push the client for any information, as the conscious mind is always active and hence the client may start using their conscious mind and the whole purpose of the PLR will not be successful.
7. Once the client has done accessing their past lives, guide them back slowly to their current environment. It is ok for the client to feel any pain, hurt during the process. It is to throw out the negativity.
8. Thank the guides and disconnect from their past by drawing a reverse Cho-Ku-Rei.
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