Q1. How I can post my requirement in Classifieds Dekho? Ans.Advertiser can post their requirements through online, voice, mobile, app, email, fax, snail mail (attach Post an ad form)
Q2. What kind of requirement I can post on Classifieds Dekho? Ans.You can post the requirement for selling, buying, renting, offering/seeking services.
Q3. What are the medium through which I can access Classifieds Dekho? Ans.Classifieds Dekho is available on Online, Voice, Mobile and Print medium.
Q4. If you print the ads in your advertisement paper do I have to pay anything extra? Ans.No, you don’t have to pay anything extra for that.
Q5. Why I choose Classifieds Dekho for advertisement?
Classifieds Dekho has following options:
Q6. What are Business ads, Power ads and Classifieds Dekho? Ans.Business ads: These are the ads which are posted by the Business advertisers like dealers, realtors. And advertiser gets premium services like Catalogue Page, Company Logo, Banners.
Premium ads: These are the paid ads posted by any individuals.
Free ads: These ads are free and posted by any individuals.
Q8. What are the benefits Power ad advertisers enjoy over Free advertisers?
Benefits for Premium ads

Q11. What are the benefits for Business advertiser?
Business Advertiser has following benefits

Q12. Can I post the ad Free of cost?
You can post the ad through online, mobile site, mobile app, voice, email (selected location) and fax (select location).