Top Ad

Urgent Priority ad
First come, first served! With the Top Ad feature, your ad will be the first to be seen in your chosen category. This guarantees that your ad will not be overlooked by other users!
  • Top position in the category
  • Be noticed with the “URGENT” label
  • More clicks, higher success rate
premium ads
The Top Ad is our bestseller. Get up to 10 times more clicks on your ad.

Do you want your ad to appear in nearby cities or even nationwide? Our new “City Extension” upgrade is your best bet to reach all your target customers. With this upgrade, your ad will appear as “Sponsored Ad” at the top of your chosen category. City Extension Ads are visible in all the pages of a category. If there are more “Sponsored Ads” booked at a time, they will be shown in rotation. Reach out to more potential customers with the “City Extension” and significantly increase the success of your ad.

Do you want to post your service ads where your potential clients are browsing? Let’s say you are a real estate agent with a free ad in the Services category. Doesn’t it make sense to be seen in the For Rent or Real Estate categories too? For such cases, we are offering the “Category Extension” upgrade which will show your ads as “Sponsored Ads” in your selected category. Your ad will be marked with the label “Top” and will be the first to be seen in your chosen category’s page. Category Extension Ads are also visible in all succeeding pages of the category. If there are more “Category Extension” ads booked at a time, they will be shown in rotation. Make sure your target customers see the services you are offering with the “Category Extension” upgrade and increase the success rate of your ad.

  Premium Ad

Your ad in an advertisement-free environment

Remove all distractions! With the Premium Ad display feature, all advertising banners and references to other ads are removed from your ad page. In addition, your Premium Ad will be displayed on your chosen category’s results page with a “Premium” label. The yellow background will make your Premium Ad stand out from the rest of the ads on a page.

  • No third party ads on your ad page
  • Stand out with the “Premium” label and the yellow background
  • More attention, more clicks