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Psychic attacks are defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies and forces. Psychic attacks occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent from one individual to another individual or place creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. This negative energy can be called a spirit, an entity, a thought form or a dark negative energy. Each of these energies can create harmful effects within the person receiving them.
              Psychic attacks involve the manipulation and movement of different types of dark energies, entities and spirits. They involve the transferring of dark and negative energies into someone's physical and/or energetic bodies. Some of the dark energies and entities that find their way into physical and energetic bodies, and homes are sent without awareness, even though they are sent by humans. Others are sent intentionally to create harm and damage, often to control, manipulate or punish the individual. They can involve ritualistic techniques or ceremonies or use the psychic powers of the mind or a combination of both.
              The dark and negative energies sent intentionally by others are called psychic attacks and can seriously affect humans and animals at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Psychic attacks can include spells, voodoo, mantras, invocations, negative energy rays, or other types of black magic. They attack psyches and can produce debilitating effects on the overall health and energy level of the affected person.  Psychic attacks can also be sent unintentionally by someone who has the ability to send these but is not aware that they have this ability.
               Psychic attacks and other dark negative energies, entities and spirits can have a wide range of effect from low to medium to high. The symptoms or changes in health or behavior can also range from low to medium to high. Not all health problems or behavior changes are caused by psychic attacks since there can be so many causes for the same symptoms. Confusion often exists when other physical and emotional difficulties are present in an individual's life. It's important to carefully assess all possible sources for the difficulties including physical factors, energetic factors and emotional factors.
Symptoms of Psychic Attacks and Dark Energies
There are many different symptoms that can indicate negative and dark psychic energies, spirits or entities. The following list identifies a few major symptoms. Suddenly acting totally out of character
• Major changes in behavior for no reason
• A loss of memory
• Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability
• Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason
• A drained feeling
• Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body
• Hearing someone's voice regularly
• Hearing voices
• Recurrent or frequent nightmares
• Strange or recurring accidents
• Feeling someone is watching you
• A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home or office
• A loss of self-confidence
• A sudden loss of energy
• Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis
• Sudden illnesses that cannot be explained
• Feeling someone touch you or bump into you when nobody is present
• Sensing a presence • Sensing a large pair of eyes watching you or following you
• Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships
• Imagining monsters, animals or frightening shadows
• Sudden depression without an apparent cause • Seeming ongoing bad luck
• Visions or hallucinations
• Irrational fear, anger or sorrow
• A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won't go away
This is not a complete list but should give you a fairly good idea of areas to look at in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual areas. Each person who is on the receiving end of psychic attacks or dark energetic forces will have their own indications and effects.
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